Revolutionary Brake Warning System in Development at Ford

As part of a four-year research project, Ford is developing and testing a state-of-the-art brake light system that is designed to substantially cut or even eliminate rear-end accidents. The new system is a special early-warning system in which the brake light, once activated, would actually emit a signal that would be detected through the dashboard of vehicles behind the braking car. This signal would be picked up even if a car’s tail lights were out of view because it was a few cars ahead or around a corner ahead.

The design process is part of a four-year program called Safe Intelligent Mobility – Testfield Germany that has the cooperation and involvement of several industry leaders. It is intended to introduce innovations that will minimize or eliminate the risks and costs of injuries and accidents, and is a feature that would be of profound interest to fleet managers in the UK, who are already enjoying the benefits of several car-to-infrastructure software offerings. The idea of a car-to-car feedback system would offer similar savings and safety protections.

Other ideas and innovations that are being tested in the project include warning systems that would alert the infrastructure and other drivers of the presence of a variety or hazards on the road as well as traffic conditions. On-road internet access built into vehicles is also being discussed, though the issue of driver distractions continues to be a concern. It is expected that many of these new designs, once tested, will be offered within fleet vehicles as well as to the general public at some point within the next decade.

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