Review praises even better new Ford Kuga

A new review published on a major product comparison website has heaped praise on the latest edition of the popular Ford Kuga, highlighting in particular the fact that it has now moved out of the niche SUV category and truly into the mainstream market.

With the 2013 Kuga again being based on the Ford Focus for sale throughout the UK since 1998, Recombu awarded the new model four out of five stars, concluding that it 'scores very highly indeed' on a range of important features.

Although the reviewer described the original Kuga as a 'revelation' when it was first launched, it also said that its higher end pricing meant that it was perhaps not as widely available to the driving public as Ford would have hoped for; Graeme Lambert, however, explained that one of the best things about the new instalment is that it does offer significantly lower running costs, whilst maintaining all of the positive aspects that made it such a hit in the past with those who had one. This winning combination, Lambert speculated, could lead to the Kuga being able to 'eclipse the competition' of other SUVs from now on.

Everything from design and practicality to handling and safety is written of in glowing terms by the reviewer, and his overall opinion of the Kuga is summed up by his praise for the 'excellent dynamics, sharp looks and strong performance' that it will provide to all who decide to invest in the 2013 edition when looking to upgrade their current transport.

The Kuga, of course, is just one of many different high quality and affordable vehicles that can be purchased from the Michigan manufacturer's dealerships around the South West, with well regarded models such as the Ford Ka for sale meaning that every driver and passenger's tastes and requirements are catered for.

Image credit: M 93 (Wikimedia Commons)