Review full of praise for 1.0-litre EcoBoost Focus

One of Scotland's leading newspapers, the Daily Record, has released a highly positive review of the new Ford Focus, with the piece mainly being concerned with the 2013 model's extraordinary fuel economy and energy efficiency.

What the reviewer made of the Focus was clear from the title, which said that the company is 'on to a winner' with its bold decision to install a 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine into what is traditionally among the most popular domestic car brands in the UK.

Ford dealers throughout the country have been inundated with sales orders for the new Focus which, despite its smaller engine size, has proved just as popular as its predecessors. Noting that downsizing amongst car owners 'nearly qualifies as a national sport in these tough economic times', the journalist was keen to point out that doing so for the Focus does not in any way detract from its traditionally high performance values, with the car still packing a powerful punch despite its efficiency.

Describing the EcoBoost as 'no normal engine', the writer goes on to say that drivers will be 'surprised at the eager response' of the groundbreaking product, which is set to become more and more mainstream in the UK over the months and years to come if the tremendously positive reaction to it so far is anything to go by.

The Focus overall was also praised by the review, who commented that the latest update to this now classic car feels very much like a 'rounded, well-thought out package'.

There are plenty of excellent used Ford Focus cars available for the driving public to experience if they are on a particularly tight budget, but there can be no denying that the latest model represents a significant step forward for the brand and is also further indication of how driving economically does not have to result in any less of a powerful ride.

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