Rev Limiters Provide Improved Mileage and Safety

A recent study conducted by Autokontrol, a company that specialises in the installation of rev limiters, has proven that installing the accessory provided a nearly 25% improvement in both fuel economy and in emissions. The limiters are specifically designed to restrict the number of revolutions that a vehicle’s engine is able to achieve. It not only provides better fuel economy, but also restricts driving speed, thus making the vehicles safer as an added benefit. The study was conducted over the course of a six-month period, and saw an average improvement of 4.2 miles per gallon, with some vehicles showing an improvement of as much as 13 miles per gallon.

The rev limiter is an aftermarket item that is inexpensive to purchase and install; the cost is generally made up quickly in fuel savings and unlike speed limiters that are factory-installed, the item can be re-used in other vehicles once a van or car is due for replacement. As a result of the test, many fleet operators are now installing the units into their entire fleet and achieving remarkable savings quickly.

Company management is also pleased by the added benefit of introducing a method of controlling the speed at which a driver is able to operate the vehicle. It takes very little time to install the item which does not interfere with the original warranty on the vehicle. The rev alternator works by responding to the signal that travels from the throttle to the electrical control unit, while factory-installed speed controllers control the message that runs from the speedometer. Insurance companies have quickly hailed the equipment as a safety enhancement, while fleet owners have also indicated that they extend the life of the vehicle itself. Large and small operators of Ford Transit Vans may well benefit from having Rev Limiters fitted to their vehicles.