Back in 1997 the term ‘White Van Man' was created and instantly became a phrase used to describe van drivers up and down the country, but a new survey has shown that this name may not ring true anymore.
The survey has been carried out by the Social Issues Research Centre (SIRC) and has shown, amongst other things, everything from diet to van colour has changed since the van driver stereotype was created.
Through research the group have discovered that no longer are van drivers interested in greasy food or other unhealthy products; van drivers now appreciating healthy food, plenty of sport and cultural hobbies.
When the phrase ‘White Van Man' was coined, van drivers leapt for the more traditional white vans available on the market. Nowadays the new colour of choice is a more sophisticated silver, overtaking the usually more popular blue, green and yellow versions. Even though silver hasn't caught up to the sheer amount of white vans on the road, it is definitely on its way to the top.
Another thing that the study has discovered is that whilst many van drivers are concerned about the practicability of their vehicle, they are more likely now to spend time personalising their vehicles either on the interior or exterior.
Even though the CIRC has noticed the changing trends in van drivers, the public's stereotypical image of them will most likely take a long time to change. One thing that is still just as true as back in 1997 is that Ford Transit vans are still the most popular commercial vehicles in the UK and Europe. New Ford vans are certainly set to remain as popular as ever, no matter what colour they are, or who's driving them!