Research says Ford to lead field with electric cars

A new piece of research has predicted that more people will make purchases from their local Ford car dealership over the next ten years than from any other manufacturer's sites when it comes to electric and hybrid vehicles.

The industry experts Pike Research are highly respected for the accuracy and reliability of their forecasts, and the group's latest report on what is by far the fastest growing sector within the automotive trade makes for good reading for anyone connected with the iconic Michigan-based car producers.

The overall picture for electric vehicles is extremely positive in general, with the researchers from Pike speculating that there will be an average growth rate of almost 40 per cent in the market every year between now and 2020; and, with Ford expected to be the most popular of all manufacturers of its kind during this period, this obviously stands the company in very good stead for the future, as it looks to further reduce the carbon emissions and improve the fuel efficiency of its fleets.

In total, it is expected that 4.4 million more battery electric vehicles will be taken onto the world's roads over the next decade, along with 3.4 million plug-in hybrid electric models and 2.1 million hybrid electrics. Impressively, Ford is widely tipped to account for very close to a quarter of all of these alternative fuel sales by the time 2020 comes around.

Whilst even used Ford cars offer more favourable levels of economy and cleanliness than most other manufacturers, there can be no doubting that their recent and ongoing work in the field of fully electric and hybrid vehicles is amongst the most exciting projects that they have embarked on for a long time, with models such as the well received Ford Focus Electric leading the way all over the world.

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