Some recent research by the AXA Business Insurance group has revealed that the traditional image of the drivers of Transit vans being almost all male is becoming an ever more inaccurate one.
The comprehensive study found that the stereotype of the ‘white van man' can no longer be applied with all that much confidence, after almost a third of the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) users randomly selected for interview were female.
Of the total drivers questioned, almost 15 per cent thought that the continuing blanket usage of the term actually amounted to it being insulting, and around 40 per cent believed that its use as a generalisation was now simply wrong.
The research also came up with some other interesting figures which seem to further dispel the myths that have surrounded users of vans in Dorset and elsewhere throughout the UK for decades, such as the fact that 73 per cent of women LCV drivers with clean licences class themselves as ‘cautious', compared to 67 per cent of men.