Report shows three unlikely accident factors


 An accident management company has released a report that has shown three very unlikely candidates that are being classed as major causes for vehicle crashes and accidents.

The Total Accident Management Company has revealed that over half of all reported motoring accidents happen in clear weather, whilst over a third of all accidents happen on major and minor roads, lastly commenting that 1 in 10 accidents happen in car parks.

The figures are a result of as study by the company who deal with a huge amount of insurance claims each year by motorists, provoking the company to remind drivers that even though it might be a clear day, a quiet road or even a car park, there are still dangers to keep an eye out for.

There are plenty of reasons for the above three factors, including people being more conscious of their driving in bad weather or driving in greater proximity to other vehicles whilst on quieter roads.

A large part of the information researched by the company came from drivers of fleet and business vehicles, meaning that many of the drivers are used to driving for long periods of the day.

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Image credit: Guy Donges