Report Reveals Fleet Managers are Unaware of Laws


Allianz Commercial, the business insurance company, has just revealed the results of a frightening new study that they commissioned in partnership with DAC Beachcroft, a leading law firm. The study indicates that despite the fact that there is an increasing move to prosecute and convict drivers convicted of dangerous and careless driving offenses, fleet managers are largely unaware of the laws regarding death by dangerous driving or the impact that a conviction could have on their business operations or bottom line.

The study, which has been published under the title, “The Motor Prosecution White Paper”, outlines the different offenses and sentences that are prosecuted in the United Kingdom, as well as the liability that companies carry when a fatal or serious accident is determined to be the fault of one of their fleet drivers.

Drivers may serve as many as 14 years in prison if they kill somebody while driving dangerously, yet according to the survey, nearly half of fleet managers and drivers were unaware of it. They also were not completely certain of what the definition of dangerous driving is.

With conviction rates over 80% in cases of dangerous driving, it is important that the fleet managers who supervise the drivers for their company not only become educated in the laws and penalties but that they make a concerted effort to make sure that their staff is aware of the risk as well.