According to a report for BCA (British Car Auctions) and their "BCA Used LCV Market Report 2012" it is forecast the light commercial van sector could see a shortage in used vans, due to the economic climate. The report and research was carried out by Buckingham University Centre for Automotive Management, which indicated there could be a forthcoming shortage in the availability of cheap, good quality vans and used light commercial vehicles.
The report suggested this might happen if consumers held onto their vehicles for a longer period, before trading in their van. The report also showed that small businesses are the largest buyers of used vans and typically prefer vehicles of up to five years old.
In contrast to this situation, the sales in new vans looked encouraging, which many manufacturers engaging with their customers to offer favourable incentives through trade-ins, leasing options and bulk discount. Grants from the Department of Transport helping those wishing to purchase the new generation of cleaner, fully electric and electric-hybrid vans which are now being made available have also helped.
So if you are looking for a great deal on a light commercial vehicle like a Ford Transit van or one of the smaller light weight vans like the Transit Connect, then why not pop into your local light commercial Ford dealer who always has a wide range of used and new Ford vans available.