Readers of top web resource vote for Ford cars


One of the internets largest resources, the website, has just recently compiled their 2012 reader's choice awards list. Something that has been noted from the results is just how many Ford cars for sale have been voted for in each category.

The Ford Fusion was one of the top rated choices for the Best Family Car, with readers commenting on the vehicle, mentioning its "roomy interior, broad choice of powertrains, and long option list".

For the second time in a row the Ford Fiesta has been voted by readers as the Best Car for Teens, with many suggesting the vehicles high levels of safety features to be paramount for newer and younger drivers.

The Fiesta also took the title for being the Best Car under $16,000, and with a large amount of models including hatchback and saloon all starting at well under the category top Price.

As you can see even over in the USA Ford vehicles are extremely popular, to find out more head to your nearest Ford car dealership.

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