Rallying Her Team Brings an Exciting Reward for Tracey

Rallying her team to excel at warranty sales has brought an exciting reward for Tracey Stephens.

The mother of three is soon to be the envy of her car-mad 16 year old daughter Sam when she flies out to Sweden on an all expenses paid three day trip during Rally Sweden and gets to drive a competition car at full bore round a frozen lake as well as taking part in a day's ice rallying, karting, and a snowmobile trek.

"Some people might think warranty sales boring but my reward for the best-performing team proves they can add spice to life," says Tracey, who works for Foray Motor Group, parent company of English Ford in Poole.

"News of the trip came right out of the blue but it should be a great time as Ford has four works cars in the event, which starts on February 10. There will be plenty of cheering to do when I watch two special stages and driving round the frozen lake, taking part in a day's ice rally, and going off on a snowmobile sounds like a great way to let off steam!"

Tracey's team has turned in a top class performance of its own, gaining a place in the UK's top six selling Ford Protect warranties.

"The warranties can be used to extend the cover for new cars to last for six years but they are also a valuable asset for used cars buyers as they are available for cars that are up to 10 years old that have covered less than 100,000 miles.

"There are two different grades, Gold and Silver, on used cars and they can be bought with any make of car we sell, whether or not it's a Ford, and they offer wear and tear protection too. It's an outstanding product that has brought me an astounding prize!"

Tom Croft, Foray group sales manager, said customers appreciated the value of warranties more than ever, with the take-up growing across the group because Ford Protect gave real peace of mind.

"At a time when everyone wants to avoid unnecessary expense, the option of selecting a warranty that insulates against unforeseen costs is greatly appreciated by Foray customers," he added. "Despite strong competition from the Group's nine other centres, Tracey's team has done well to come out on top."