It has been announced that the RAC's unique annual Future Car Challenge event will be taking place on the 3rd November this year, giving innovative hybrid and electric vehicles the chance to prove their performance levels and green credentials over the course of a 63-mile stretch of road between Brighton and London.
The vehicles that take part in the challenge can enter into any one of 26 separate categories, with brackets such as best light commercial vehicle being included in these.
Vans are not always known for their green technology, but this situation is starting to change, and RAC Technical Director David Bizley has spoken of the great anticipation that is building for the forthcoming event.
With new Ford vans leading the way in terms of major automotive fleet manufacturers' efforts to reduce carbon emissions and fuel efficiency, classic models like the wide selling Transit van are now starting to gain a new, more environmentally friendly reputation which those interested in the RAC Future Car Challenge are sure to appreciate.