£9.5bn for new roads and other projects in 2015-16

The Chancellor's latest Spending Review has presented a mixed picture for the transport industry, with cuts of 9 per cent partially balanced out by the news that 2015-16 will see infrastructure investment of £9.5 billion.

With announcements being made in regard to the budgets of every government department, the news of each individual office has not been reported on in great deal throughout the mainstream press, but this Fleet News article lays out how the upcoming spending shift is likely to affect the Department for Transport (DfT).

It is thought that a significant proportion of the money which will be handed over to Patrick McLoughlin's department in the coming years will be for the improvement and development of the country's road network, which will come as a welcome relief for many domestic road users and fleet operators alike, following a need for increased capacity in recent times.

Whether drivers are privately operating new or used Ford vehicles or working for an organisation such as a courier company, all will share a desire for greater investment in the nation's motorways and other main roads. The managing director of policy and communications at the Freight Transport Association (FTA), James Hookham, was keen to emphasise the fact that this investment is 'key to the economic recovery'.

A high interest in great Ford car deals has remained consistent over the last few years, and models like the Fiesta and Focus have regularly been topping the UK's sales charts throughout the financial crisis and on into the current period of recovery. If the infrastructure funds that have been pledged are sensibly managed and distributed, a long anticipated improvement in the state of Britain's roads should help to ensure that country's booming vehicle market continues to flourish; as Hookham noted, 'it is vital that the money made available today is put to work in the right places to deliver the biggest possible benefit to the country'.

Image credit: Brizzle born and bred (flickr.com)