Pot Hole App Backed by Government


With pothole damage to vehicles costing private citizens and fleet managers alike a fortune in repairs, the government has decided to invest £30K into a new smartphone app that will allow drivers to report potholes easily and immediately with the hope that it will help facilitate faster pothole repairs.

The decision follows a study conducted by the RAC in mid-summer, in which drivers and company fleet managers indicated that they would be willing to pay increased tolls and surcharges if it made an improvement in the condition of roads, which have been seen as deteriorating badly.

Now, the Department for Transport has said that they will donate the money to the cycling club that has taken the lead in trying to get potholes fixed. The Cyclists’ Touring Club had already established a “Fill that Hole” website, but the government money is intended to upgrade the site and allow its developers to add an app that will let smartphone users report potholes to local councils so that they can repair them as soon as they are detected and reported.

Potholes cause tremendous damage to the undercarriage of vehicles, tyres, and their alignment, as well as physical harm to cyclists. The average cost per repair hovers around £50, not counting the downtime required for repairs. Fleet managers are praising the news of the technology investment, as studies have shown that spending money on improving the road infrastructure overall ends up saving businesses and private drivers money in the long run.