Poor driver care blamed for early tyre replacement

Figures taken from a leading fleet management company have revealed that many drivers may have to replace the tyres on their cars prematurely because of a lack of responsible care and maintenance.

Whilst the models available from both new and used Ford cars dealers look to minimise the costs of routine maintenance like this as far as possible, these statistics show that drivers themselves still have their own part to play in ensuring that they get the most out of the inherent reliability of their vehicles.

The results were released by ABI Fleet UK, who confirmed that a quarter of all tyres replaced on their cars were done so prematurely out of necessity, simply because those behind the wheel did not pay sufficient attention to, for example, keeping tyres at their optimum levels of pressure and tread.

The head of operations at the company, Richard Minshull, was quick to emphasise that such carelessness can lead to an unnecessary increase in the bills and expenses drivers face over the lifetime of their vehicles, adding that these costs can easily be avoided if regular checks and preparations are undertaken.

Breaking down the figures, ABI said that, of the 33,861 tyres they changed in 2012, over half of these (59.47 per cent) were subject to 'normal wear and tear' and that punctures beyond repair were responsible for 15.64 per cent of the replacements. A total of 24.89 per cent, however, was attributed to actively avoidable damage.

With the start of 2013 marking the release of a brand new range of fantastic performance and value Ford cars for sale, there is no better time than now to consider the financial dangers of not keeping on top of routine vehicle maintenance. All potential buyers of the new Focus, Fiesta and every other model are advised to regularly check their tyres to ensure they do not have to deal with unwelcome garage bills in the future.

Image credit: Tom Taker (flickr.com)