Pony Eggspress rides again!

In the days of the Wild West, riders with the legendary Pony Express saddled up their mustangs and headed west.


Fast forward to the 21st Century and the Pony Eggspress was riding again, this time with two of the team from Foray Motor Group saddling up the Ford Mustang demonstrator from the Group’s FordStore at English Ford in Poole to head west.


First stop was The Potteries Care Home in Poole, where Sam Black and Macaulay Smith handed over 50 Easter eggs for residents before going out into the wilder west to reach Ward 10, the children’s ward, at Yeovil Hospital with another 50 eggs. Then it was east to St Denis Lodge care home in Shaftesbury before arriving at the Sarum Ward, the children’s ward at Salisbury District Hospital with another 50 eggs at each stop. At the two care homes, there were smiles and laughter all around as the residents were able to enjoy sitting in the Mustang and playing with the many gadgets inside! More photos can be found on Foray's Facebook page.


“It was a brilliant ride out,” says Sam, service marketing manager for Foray. “We had great fun distributing the eggs and everywhere we went the Mustang was turning heads.


“We originally had 232 eggs, but the 32 went to John Price and his family who won a Facebook competition to gain their prize. Facebook followers also nominated two of the venues for our deliveries, showing the value of social media in today’s business world.”


Sam (in the driving seat) and Macaulay are pictured in their Mustang before setting out and with staff at Yeovil Hospital getting some of the proceeds of the great Foray eggstravaganza. The third Marketing Musketeer Charlie is pictured handing over the family’s 32 eggs to John and his family.

Foray Motor Group Easter Egg Competition Winners