Poll Reveals Funding Determines Fleet Decisions

Despite the intensive efforts being put forth by the government to encourage green purchases and environmental responsibility, results of a poll conducted by Nexus Vehicle Rental have revealed that fleet managers and drivers of business vehicles are making their vehicle purchase decisions on factors surrounding cost and economy rather than whether the vehicle is environmentally responsible.

More than six hundred participants were involved in the survey, and were asked about the importance of environmental policies for their businesses. Less than twenty percent of respondents indicated that green issues were their highest priority, while more than twice that percentage indicated that cost and saving money was their driving factor.

With the economy still struggling and businesses working hard to survive, the results of the poll are not surprising; they are also not expected to show any dramatic change until business conditions improve. A socially responsible purchase is considered a luxury that the majority simply cannot afford to indulge in at this point in time, which means that the only way that the government is likely to get more businesses actively purchasing environmentally responsible vehicles is to create an incentive for them to do so.

The director of Nexus’ commercial division was quoted as saying, “Fleet managers are under greater pressure to deliver optimum performance thresholds than ever before – compounded by record fuel prices and escalating motoring costs, including maintenance, insurance and road tax, which also stand at record levels. As such, it is little surprise that eco-policies have been downgraded, or simply don’t exist for most fleet managers. What is badly needed is a premium for being green, which will benefit both the environment and the economy as it works to restore the UK to a position of strength.”

The results also provided insights into the percentage of companies that have actually included environmental policy into their fleet procedures – the numbers are extremely low.

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