The police have just begun warning van drivers across the country to be wary of thefts relating to commercial vehicles. The warning comes as the number of incidents has increased more and more over the past months.
Ensuring your van, be it the popular Ford Transit or another of the popular range of new Ford vans, is locked at all times when left unattended is paramount to making sure that your belongings are safe. Ford commercial vehicles are one of the safest options when it comes to security, with customers having peace of mind whilst using them.
There are many van extras that are available that can help deter thieves even more, as even an attempted break-in can cause damage to your vehicle, meaning possible insurance policy increases. Depending on the age and model of your commercial van, optional feature such as alarms, van slam locks and even trackers can help you to deter thieves and give you plenty of security as you continue upon your working day.