Podcasts to listen to when driving

Long commutes and cross-country journeys needn’t be a dull experience. There are numerous ways you can enjoy yourself on the road and podcasts are certainly becoming an increasingly popular one. With the sheer scope of topics and genres in the podcast space, there’s a show for everyone and to suit every taste. From entertaining fictional stories to current events, from sporting news to comedic conversations, podcasts really do cover every base imaginable. If you’re new to the medium or are looking for the ideal show for your next car journey, make sure to take a look at the below, and discover what’s available via our guide to podcasts to listen to when driving.

Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends podcast

Image credit: Bardic/Myths and Legends

The road can be a great place to become ensconced in a good story and if you’re a fan of legendary tales and enjoy being transported away from the mundane via mythical yarns, the Myths and Legends podcast is a perfect choice. Past episodes have included tales about Holy Roman Emperors, witches, Russian folklore, and the reimagining of classic stories such as Jack and the Beanstalk.

The team at Myths and Legends told us why they believe their podcast is so well suited for listening to on the road: “Plain and simple, these are engaging stories filled with the unexpected. The podcast medium as a whole pairs well with almost any activity anyway, but Myths and Legends is like story time for adults. It’s entertaining and draws listeners into another world. The format also really helps. Many of our listeners catch us on the road because our episode length, number of episodes, and topic variety lend themselves well to commutes both long and short.”

Myths and Legends even had some listening advice for us, including some episode recommendations: “We recommend listening to new episodes, then working through the backlog between Wednesdays (the podcast’s release day). Some current favourites include: episode 103: Shipshape, episode 99: William Tell, and episode 97: Sleeping Giant (Jack and the Beanstalk).”

Welcome to Night Vale

welcome to night vale podcast

Image credit: Rob Wilson

Welcome to Night Vale is a fictional podcast released twice a month, broadcast from the mysterious town of Night Vale. Delivered in the style of community updates for this small desert town, the audience gets to listen in on all kinds of reports, news, and announcements from the town’s secret police.

There are all sorts of odd goings-on in Night Vale, from strange lights in the sky to dark hooded figures, and intriguing cultural events. For those that want to get lost in something far removed from your day to day while on the road, Welcome to Night Vale is the podcast for you.

With over 100 episodes currently available, jumping in might be daunting, but fear not, Welcome to Night Vale have put together a starter’s guide to the show, as well as their five recorded events, two novels, and two scripted collections. The starter’s guide recommends a number of starting points, including episode 13 – A Story about Time, and 26 – Faceless Old Woman.


S-Town podcast

Image Credit: Artwork by Valero Doval

From the team behind the world-famous Serial podcast, S-Town is the next podcasting sensation to enrapture fans across the globe.

S-Town is an incredibly binge-able podcast hosted by Brian Reed about a man named John who so despises his Alabama town that he decides something must be done about it. John approaches some journalists to investigate the alleged crimes and widespread corruption gripping his town.

The result is a bizarre and sad but real Southern Gothic tale that will leave listeners gripped throughout. With seven chapters in total, S-Town will provide enormous entertainment for your next road trip. 

The Memory Palace

Some of the best stories being told today are found in the podcast space and they just happen to be perfect companions for long drives. Another must-include addition has to be The Memory Palace from acclaimed radio producer Nate DiMeo.

The Memory Palace is presented in the form of fascinating, wild, and sad short stories all routed in the past. The vignettes are about people, objects, and places from history and the memories involved with the tales. Such topics include old Coney Island and the early-twentieth-century Mexican-American botanist Ynés Mexía. Episodes tend to be quite short (around 8-12 minutes), providing great variety during your commute.

The Memory Palace is written and performed entirely by DiMeo and listeners are encouraged to jump in at any point they please. The show lacks informative episode descriptions in the hope that people just click play and be surprised at what the stories have in store. DiMeo has, however, recommended a few instalments on the Memory Palace website for those that want a little advice. 

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There we have it - we hope you’ve found something to get you started. No matter if you’re heading to work, driving to your next holiday destination, or have just picked up a used Ford vehicle, these podcasts won’t fail to delight and entertain. So try out one or two of the above and begin your love affair with podcasts on the road.