Plugged-In Fleets Initiative Programme Educates Fleet Owners

As the push for low-emission vehicles gains strength across the UK, the government has committed £280,000 to the continued effort to educate fleet owners. The Plugged-In Fleet Initiative, a program administered as a joint effort by the Energy Savings Trust, Route Monkey and EDF Energy, has already provided twenty fleets with the information that they need to understand the advantages and cost savings available to them through the use of ultra-low emission vehicles. The additional funding that has just been announced will allow the programme to provide similar information about the use of electric, hybrid and plug-in vehicles to another 100 companies.

Speaking on behalf of the organization, Transport Minister Norman Baker pointed out that those companies that adopt the new low-emission vehicles could save as much as 75 percent of their current fuel expenditure. Though not every business is able to adopt all of the initiatives that are being discussed, individual guidance is being offered to participating companies in order to allow them to maximize their potential savings. It is hoped that through education about how and where electric and other low-emission vehicles can be introduced that more companies will be willing to make the investment.

Fleet operators that have already participated in the programme have included the London Fire Brigade, Urban Planters, and Boots, which makes almost 200,000 deliveries per year. Their current fleet of over 1,100 vans could be easily replaced by electric vehicles and offer the company tremendous savings in the long term. Though it is not clear whether they will immediately participate or to what extent they will if they do, the company’s representatives voiced enthusiasm for the detail and direction of the tprogramme. Please contact us to find out more about low emission Ford Vans.