The Minister for Transport Norman Baker has recently announced that he wants to encourage van buyers and owners to get a chance to go electric and make it easier for people wanting to buy electric powered vans by offering a favourable grant incentive.
Over the last year, car buyers have been able to take advantage of grants for electric vehicles, so it would only seem fair to offer a similar option for van buyers. Electric powered van buyers could receive up to £8,000 off new plug-in vans with the new initiative.
This is positive news for businesses and fleet operators, given the lower potential running costs of electric vehicles; this will assist in the initial outlay for an electric vehicle. The new grant should apply to vans like the new Ford Connect ‘Electric Van' and many other similar light commercial vehicles.
If you are currently considering a new electric van or a conventional petrol or diesel powered vehicle like one of the new Ford vans , which includes the new Transit van or Transit Connect, then maybe it's time to visit your local commercial Ford dealership to find out more about the range of vans available.