Photos reveal details about the new Ford Ka 2014

Although rumours have been going round that the Ka was being removed from the next generation line-up of Ford cars, photographers have reportedly captured photos of what will be the new Ford Ka 2014.

As reported in this Auto express article, photos of a disguised version of the Ford Ka 2014 have been captured near the company's engineering centre in Cologne, Germany. These images have shown that the next generation design of the vehicle has taken a bold, fresh new approach, rather than scrapping the concept of the Ford Ka altogether.

Versions of the Ford Ka in recent years have fashionably had three doors, but this new model shows that designers are now moving back towards functionality, with a five-door design that aims to deliver space and value for money. The design of the new Ka will be based on the Ford Figo, a budget hatch that has proven to be extremely popular in developing countries such as India.

According to the photos taken in Germany, the bodywork of the Ka will neither resemble the Figo or the old Fiesta, but will instead have a brand new design. Although the 2014 Ka does appear to be significantly larger than the older model, comparisons to a test prototype of the 2014 Ford Fiesta that was also spotted in Cologne show that the Ka is still more compact than the Fiesta.

The new three-cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine is likely to be the engine of choice for the car as a two-cylinder engine has been ruled out, as has the suggestion of there being diesel models.

The photos from Cologne show that the Ford Ka has undergone some huge design changes, so car enthusiasts will be eager to find out more soon about this new model. Further investigation has revealed that the new Ford Ka is likely to be debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2014, after which thousands are sure to consider looking for a Ford Ka for sale in their area.

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