Petrol proved to now be more economical than diesel


New research carried out by the consumer watchdog ‘Which?' has broken one of the biggest motoring myths; that diesel is far more economical than petrol. The watchdog even goes so far as to say that diesels are no longer the default way to go if you are seeking an economical vehicle option.

One of the main reasons for the original statement of diesel's economy over petrol was due to the larger amount of miles per gallon achieved, but with higher costs of diesel cars, and of course the rising cost of fuel (which in some cases can be almost 6 pence per litre more expensive) this is now proven untrue.

Something that Which? commented upon is that diesel owners often have to pay premiums when buying a new diesel powered vehicle, which could be between £1,000 to £2,000 more than petrol.

Petrol vehicles are becoming more and more economical, and with developments such as Ford's EcoBoost system that is now becoming the engine of choice for many Ford cars for sale, it is certainly the time to look into petrol vehicles.

The consumer group tested petrol and diesel variants of six vehicles, including the popular Ford Fiesta in a bid to get an unbiased set of results.