Petrol or diesel power – it’s a personal choice

It’s easy to be swayed one way or another in the current debate about whether to buy a petrol or diesel engine with your next car.


But far from emotive arguments swaying the decision, it’s really down to what you need from your car and what you expect it to do.


Choosing the petrol option may seem politically correct but if you regularly undertake long journeys, tow a caravan or other trailer, or generally do a high mileage then it really is the diesel for you. With the latest emissions technology they are a much cleaner solution then the diesels of old with which you may be familiar.


On the other hand, shorter journeys that don’t generate the engine heat to maximise the efficiency of a diesel make petrol a better choice – diesels depend on high operating temperatures for their compression ignition method of operating as they don’t have spark plugs.


A low annual mileage should also dictate a diesel choice but there’s no hard and fast rule here because if you own a caravan yet only do a few thousand miles a year the extra torque or pulling power of a diesel makes life easier – and more economical.


The fact that these choices are so important is clearly illustrated by Ford offering a diesel option even in its Ka+ starter model later this year. And did you know, for instance, that it would take 50 modern cars to produce as much in pollutant emissions as a vehicle built in the 1970s? Flares might make a comeback, but dirty diesels never will!


It really is a case of horses – and horsepower – for courses. Your Foray sales team will be able to help, and our comprehensive fleet of latest demonstration cars will help you understand your options.