People losing out on Motability cars after cuts

Thousands of disability claimants have lost their Motability vehicles because of funding; that's the message coming from a leading disabled motoring charity.

As reported on in this article by ITV, which can be read here, Motability has found that 100 disability claimants are losing their vital benefits to new mobility vehicles each and every week. The charity, which specialises in leasing mobility vehicles, said that of their 8,000-strong customer base, 3,000 have so far been reassessed and have since lost their eligibility and had to sacrifice their vehicles.

With so many disabled people in the UK depending on mobility vehicles to help them get around and live their lives independently, it is understandably important that they shouldn’t be deprived of Motability vehicles from Ford and other manufacturers.

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Benefit Replacement causing people to lose out

While people used to be able to claim for such vehicles through their Disability Living Allowance (DLA), the fact that this has since been replaced with a new means-tested benefit called Personal Independent Payment (PIP) means that more people could lose out. More than three million people are still claiming DLA and are yet to make the switch to PIP, but all switches are planned to be made by 2017.

Although the amount of people living with disabilities or long-term health problems over 50 is set to rise from 43 per cent to 58 per cent in 2020, the government has said that it needs to save over £12 billion from the welfare sector. Because of this, it is inevitable that more people will lose out on essential aid unless action is taken.

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