Orders open for new Ford C-MAX model


One of the latest Ford cars for sale has just gone on sale in America, where Ford car dealers beginning to take orders for what is being called ‘one of the most affordable hybrid vehicles', the Ford C-MAX Hybrid.

The vehicle features many of the great features that you would expect to come with one of the most advanced vehicles from the Ford Motor Company, such as Ford's hands free lift-gate, active parking assist and the SmartGauge display that helps even more with fuel economy.

Encompassing room for five people, the Ford C-MAX is the first of many planned hybrid vehicle versions, with the company expressing the new model to be not only stylish and fun to drive, but also extremely economic to run.

The C-Max hybrid is not expected to be released until at least September in the states, and even longer before it hits the European shores, but there are plenty of other great C-MAX models available to your nearest Ford dealership such as Foray Motor Group.

Image credit: Thomas doerfer