Orders already being made for new Ford Focus RS

It has been revealed that Ford has received 1,500 orders from the UK for the new Ford Focus RS ahead of its release in spring 2016.

An article on Autocar notes that one third of customers’ deposits were actually put down before the price of the car was even announced by Ford, but interest in the car has since heightened following the announcement that this highly acclaimed model will cost from as little as £28,940.

This news is great for car dealerships as car sales in Salisbury and the rest of the UK are set to soar when the 2016 model is released.

Most of the people pre-ordering the new Focus RS are those who are the happy owners of the current model.

Andy Barratt, Ford of Britain chairman and managing director, added, “We expected those first in the queue to be exacting about their requirements, and so it has proved, with many opting for motorsport-style Recaro shell front seats, 19 inch black forged alloy wheels, luxury pack, electric tilt/side sunroof and Ford SYNC2 navigation and sound system.”

Latest Ford Focus RS videos released

The fifth development video for the Ford Focus RS was recently released and it shows the car being tested in freezing weather in Sweden.

Previous videos showed Gymkhana and rally star Ken Block going to the Ford test track in Belgium, an insight into the car’s design, and one video detailed a trip to the United States.

Car experts have been eagerly awaiting the release of the 2016 Ford Focus RS model as the car switches to four-wheel drive, which is the first RS-badged family hatchback to drive all four wheels since the Escort Cosworth. The new Focus RS’s 0-62mph time is also the fastest-accelerating model ever made in the RS family.

If you are looking at buying the Focus RS, ask local Ford dealers in Somerset or elsewhere in the UK about this new technology and how it can improve your daily drive.

Image Credit: thirdgen89gta (flickr.com)

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