Optional extras for your Ford Fiesta

The Ford Motor Company is heralded in providing vehicles of the very best standard, with the Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo in particular serving as leaders in their respective classes for many years. However, with the great range of accessories available for your car, purchasing a new Ford vehicle is only the first step towards creating your own perfect drive. Here are just some of the best Ford accessories you can purchase today for your vehicle.

Mountune Performance Kit
While the Ford EcoBoost engine has helped to offer the unfamiliar combination of fantastic power with improved fuel consumption, adding the Mountune Performance Kit ensures that you can upgrade your pride and joy to offer an enhanced performance on the track. Available on the Mk2 and Mk3 Focus, as well as the Mk6 and Mk7 Fiesta, a host of parts and accessories are available; from a sticker for your fuel flap, to an alloy intercooler upgrade, it means you can add as much or as little performance as you wish.

Parrot Bluetooth Kit
Although Ford’s SYNC technology gives the opportunity to safely connect while driving than ever before, the fact that this is only available on newer models means that not every Ford vehicle benefits from this. One solution is through the Parrot Bluetooth Kit, which links your phone to a discreet control panel that you can place on your steering wheel to answer or end calls without taking your eyes off the road. It’s also voice activated, meaning you won’t have to pull over to start phoning your friends and family.

Boot Liner
As not every day is dry and sunny, there’s a chance that you will end up getting wet and muddy as you go through life. More often than not, this means putting your dirty shoes or clothes in the boot, which after time can result in unpleasant smells developing. This is why Ford offer a boot liner, protecting the standard fabric against water, mud and everything you pick up along the way. As these are also removable, it means you no longer have to worry about a build-up of dirt!

Pet Pack
On the subject of a boot liner, keeping your car clean is never easy if you have a dog. The Pet Pack has remained one of the most popular Ford accessories, coming with a bespoke dog guard and a bumper protector, as well as the rubber boot liner. Easy to install, it’s a great method of helping to keep your car clean while not sacrificing that all important trip to the beach with the dog.

Xvision Parking Sensors
Parking in a tight space is an issue all of us like to avoid; even the experienced drivers may find it difficult to navigate into a space if put under pressure in a busy street. It’s for this reason why the Xvison parking sensors are one of the most popular Ford accessories and upgrades, offering a third, fourth and fifth eye on the road to ensure you don’t hit anything on the way. Allowing you to park within 30cm of an object with ease, they are also available to be fitted with an optional LED display to see exactly how far you are away, as well as benefitting from the proximity alarms.

DAB Radio
Finally we have the DAB Radio upgrade pack, the ultimate add-on for those who love nothing more than a good sing-a-long on the long journey. With plenty of extra channels including Absolute Radio, Planet Rock and themed channels such as TalkSport, the digital sound means that it’s the end of crackling sound.

To learn more about upgrading to a DAB Radio, or even about any of the other Ford accessories included in this guide, why not visit one of the certified Ford dealerships operated by the Foray Motor Group?

Image Credit: Ranjan ~ (Flickr.com)

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