Official figures show Ford’s UK Popularity


The department for Transport has today released a report that gives a great insight into just how popular Ford cars have become in the United Kingdom. The report was highlighting the fall in the amount of buses and Lorries on the UK's roads, of which official figures showed a fall of 6% and 9% respectively.

Amongst the many facts and figures that had been collated during 2011, one fact stood out, the sheer popularity of Ford Motor cars. The department for transport found that one of the most popular Ford cars for sale, the Ford Focus was the most common car. With 1.4 million Focus's reported to have been on the road during 2011, the vehicles certainly show how well regarded they have become in recent years.

Another Ford car was found to be the second most popular vehicle on Britain's roads, the Ford Fiesta with 1.3 million units in use over 2011.  With Ford cars so popular it could well be time that you visited your nearest Ford car dealership to find out why!