Off Road Adventure: a Map to the World

A Ford SUV can be your key to unlocking a whole host of adventures, both right here in the UK and abroad. There are so many must visit destinations for unbelievable off-road driving expeditions in truly jaw-dropping environments. The perfect vehicle to pursue planet Earth’s most exciting off-road locations would be the Ford Kuga. Available in a series of models, starting from £21,895, this 4x4 SUV combines off-road ability with the practicality drivers will need on a day to day basis. Taking the Kuga and exploring the desert terrain of Morocco or the rocky mountain paths of the USA, for example, should surely be on your to-do list.

With that being said, we’ve put together the below maps, detailing the very best destinations the world has to offer for an unforgettable off-road adventure in a Ford car, along with the features and terrain to look out for.


Ford Off-road Map of Morocco

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Area: North Africa

Terrain: Desert, rocky mountain roads, green plains

Locations: Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert

Features: Natural canyons, valleys, salt marshes, sand dunes, rocky plateaus

Ford Kuga: Ford’s 4x4 SUV, can also operate in two wheel drive, switches to full 4x4 as conditions demand

United States

Ford Off-road Map of USA

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Area: North America

Terrain: Rocky roads, mountain paths, loose shale

Locations: California’s Rubicon Trail, Black Bear Pass (Colorado)

Features: Sierra Nevada mountain range, large boulders, lakes, cliffs

Ford Kuga: 5-Star Euro NCAP rating, split rear tailgate, heated windscreen, 60L tank capacity


Ford Off-road Map of Romania

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Area: Europe

Terrain: Mountain paths, untouched roads, steep slopes

Locations: Transfagarasan road, Lake Vidraru 

Features: Bucegi Mountains, glaciers, lakes, reservoirs

Ford Kuga: Courtesy delay headlights, rear view camera, 126 mph max speed, wide range of models available

Ford also boast many other exciting off-road vehicles beyond that of the Kuga. The Ford Edge and the Ford Ranger both have an exciting line-up of features and will more than meet your SUV desires.