Northern Gas Network’s Ford Fleet To be Converted by Clarks

When it comes to choosing the best for their fleet options, Northern Gas Network knows what it is doing. They opted for a fleet of Ford Transits, Customs and Connects, and now will have Clarks Vehicle Conversions provide those vehicles with custom-designed Gentili modular racking to suit their very specific needs.

The contract that Northern Gas just awarded to Clarks is worth over £670,000. The company, which is based in Doncaster, will shortly begin the process of converting the gas distributors’ 230 vehicles, working on the project from design to delivery. The project is expected to take several months.

Northern Gas Networks provides gas distribution to over 2.5 million customers in England’s north. Additionally, it is responsible for the maintenance of over 36,000 kilometers of pipework that stretches between South Yorkshire and the Scottish border.

Needless to say, Clarks is honored to have been chosen to provide this important service. According to David Healy, the company’s finance and commercial manager, “We are delighted to have won this contract and look forward to working with Northern Gas Network. With our one-stop shop’ approach we can convert the vans in our workshop, work with other providers to enhance them and then deliver them back to the customer complete.”