Next Big Career Move for Dennis - Aged 69!

The purchase of Trowbridge Ford by the Foray Motor Group has brought an interesting career move for Dennis Davison at the age, as he puts it, of 69-and-a-half.

Dennis is continuing his virtually lifelong love of Ford commercial vehicles by joining the team at Trowbridge Ford to drive its van sales.

Not that he's a stranger to Foray. When it came into being 10 years ago he was already working at Edwards Ford in Salisbury, the foundation stone of the Group, and had been selling Fords from Fiesta vans through to 40 tonne trucks for some time - his career with Ford vans started in Swindon 39 years ago.

He also worked at English Ford in Poole following Foray's purchase of the business and spent the last 18 months working from home in Westbury, Wiltshire, still selling vans for Foray.

The Group's managing director, Chris Yoxon, believes appointing Dennis to the Trowbridge team is a sensible move, bringing an immediate wealth of experience to develop a new opportunity for Foray that would help local businesses.

"Coming to the Trowbridge showroom every day is not quite as short as my previous commute to the back office at home but I do love the buzz that the business brings," explains Dennis.

"I look on van sales as a way of life - customers are very loyal to me and I have been dealing with some for more than 25 years. But you have to repay that loyalty by always being there when they need you, although that's not my only reason for still being at work.

"The truth is that my job is also my principle hobby but I do fit in the occasional round of golf. What's the point of retiring from what I love doing to find out if there's anything else I would love doing more?

"Many of my long term customers are large businesses and statutory authorities but my aim at Trowbridge is to build the local retail van and pick-up market. At present, the nearest new Ford van outlets are more than 30 miles away so there are plenty of businesses around Trowbridge that will appreciate the local touch.

"They can use my expertise to find the right van and the scale of the Foray Group brings the keen prices of a major operator combined with the family-run dealership ethos that comes with a privately-owned company.

"It's the best of both worlds for van buyers - and the best place in the world for me!"