Newspaper features Ford’s ‘bumper kick’ system


The UK newspaper ‘The Telegraph' has just featured one of Ford news and most innovative safety and locking systems, what many are calling ‘the bumper kick system'.

The System, which is sure to be rolled out on many of the new Ford cars for sale, works by allowing drivers and passengers to easily open the boot of a vehicle by simply detecting motion behind the bumper. Of course, the system only works when the person that it detects is carrying the vehicles keys on them, making it a very safe option in regards to everyday use.

The system has undergone even more tweaking since its release last year on Models such as the Ford Kuga, with a team of ‘kicking' testers helping to perfect the system.

This is just one more innovative idea that Ford have developed to make their vehicles user friendly, to find out about their many other great systems, why not visit your nearest Ford car dealers?

Image credit: Phil Sangwell (flickr)