New video series celebrates 50 years of Ford Mustangs

Whether your current car is a brand new Fusion or a pre-owned Ford Focus, every serious vehicle enthusiast is likely to be a fan of the Ford Mustang. This iconic model's Detroit-based parent company is already looking forward to the car's 50th birthday next year, with their latest celebration coming in the form of a newly-launched video series.

The initial episodes of 'Mustang Countdown' have already been uploaded to YouTube, and are attracting thousands of views from car lovers around the world. Even though the official anniversary of the Mustang will not arrive until April 17th 2014, Ford is clearly keen to show its enduring appreciation of the brand, and the first episode of the Countdown series, 'Where It All Started: The Mustang 1 Concept', is a fine example of this.

This New Car Net article goes into more detail about this and other episodes; as it explains, the Mustang's beginnings in 1962 as a concept car is focused on at first, whilst later instalments introduce viewers to footage, interviews and comments which even die-hard Mustang fans will likely not have encountered before. Other topics to have been addressed in the series so far include successful toys and custom editions of the Mustang, as well as the stories behind the model's various movie appearances over the last half a century.

Confirming the start of the video series, Ford's car marketing manager, Steve Ling, explained that the project is a way of rewarding the millions of people all over the world who 'share a passion for Mustang that embodies the freedom of the open road and the spirit of performance driving'.

Although it cannot be disputed that the true home of the Mustang is in Henry Ford's home country, there is every chance that the new incarnation of this classic car may share a greater connection with the UK, as Ford in Bridgend recently confirmed that they will be ramping up production of the EcoBoost engine there, and that this pioneering device should feature in the 2014 Mustang in some capacity.

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