New Tyre Inspection Tool Will Speed Up Checks

ATS Euromaster, which inspects approximately a quarter million commercial truck and van tyres each year for its clients, has announced that it will be utilizing new technology to improve both their accuracy and efficiency. An electronic fleet inspection device called the FleetSure will be replacing the previously manually-operated system, allowing inspectors to use a handheld PDA that will measure tread depth and tyre pressure electronically and then send the information back to the handheld device via Bluetooth. This will not only eliminate mistakes but will also speed up the entire process.

Previously the company was utilizing manual technology and standard tyre gauges. The information was difficult to collect and accuracy was often compromised by limited available light and other challenges such as weather conditions.

David Bull, the service quality manager for ATS Euromaster expects that with the addition of this new technology and the improvements that has been made in efficiency, more clients will be signing up for their services. ‘By combining our tyre expertise with the latest technology we will deliver tangible benefits for customers and make their tyre management simpler and more effective – particularly for those with multi-sited operations or where the fleet manager isn’t regularly seeing the entire vehicle parc,’

The new program is not only highly precise and efficient, but also sends information from the PDA directly to ATS Euromaster for analysis and dissemination to the customers so that immediate action can be taken if any corrections or required. Additionally, the taking of tyre pressure readings had previously been offered as a separate service; the new technology enables both readings to be taken simultaneously, eliminating an additional expense for ATS’ clients. This will provide much more attention to safety for the drivers, as well as providing better fuel efficiency in cases where tires are either over or under-inflated.

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