The Ford Motor Company has just announced its prices and specifications of the forthcoming Transit Custom Model, with recommended prices starting from £17,495 (not including VAT).
The newly designed commercial van has seen quite a makeover, with Ford paying particular attention to the bulkhead design and other load factors to give the improved amount of space.
Newly added features to the custom Ford Transit vans include a deployable roof rack system that can be deployed if and when required and sits neatly into the roof recesses. Another feature that is sure to help in everyday use is a load through hatch located within the bulkhead, which allows items of up to three metres to be loaded within even a short wheel base model.
There are plenty of added extras that really show the thought put into the new design by Ford, such as LED load space lights within the load box, locking check arms that allow the back doors to be secured at 90 degrees, and the van's lining has even been improved upon and made even easier to clean.
All in all the Transit now looks to have become even more stylish, yet at the same time even more functional and practical.
The new Ford vans are expected to go on sale later in the year and are sure to become extremely popular at Ford commercial dealerships across the country.