Transit vans have been providing world-class commercial transport to professionals across the UK and beyond for many decades, and it has just been announced that the most economic instalment yet of this iconic model is to be released to the public next year.
The Transit Custom Econetic will officially be the best van in its class in terms of fuel economy and emissions, with output as low as 162g/km and 46.3.mpg achieved through the introduction of a range of on-board technological innovations.
Groundbreaking acceleration control, aerodynamic wheel trims, optimised gearing and low rolling resistance tyres are just some of the many new features which are all designed to improve the economy of the Econetic, and will be found in a variety of van sizes from the early part of 2013.
The Econetic is one of a range of new Ford vans which are continuing to make waves all over the country, and this latest edition of the legendary Transit will offer drivers and fleet operators the chance to enjoy their most economic and green LCV experience yet.