A leading firm of providers of in-car satellite navigation have revealed details of their latest service, which they claim will lead to drivers of new Ford vans being far more equipped to be able to avoid traffic jams.
Those behind the new technology at TomTom have said that this latest equipment will be five times more capable when it comes to detecting areas of congestion as they appear on Britain's roads, alerting drivers to particularly busy stretches as soon as possible.
The service is known as HD Traffic 6.0 and will be available to all TomTom users who are signed up to their LIVE Services network. According to the company's statement, the application can detect road works and blocks as and when they become apparent, even when they are yet to have been officially reported by traffic authorities.
TomTom's testers have carried out extensive trials on the technology and have come to the conclusion that it can now successfully recognise 65 per cent more blocked roads than had been the case with its most recent LIVE Services release. Those who are currently registered with the LIVE feature will not need to pay any extra to receive the HD Traffic 6.0 upgrade, and the application will apparently be added automatically.
HD Traffic 6.0 has also been officially recognised for its congestion avoiding abilities by an independent body of technical services experts, TUV SUD Group, which will serve as a reassurance to those who are considering signing up with TomTom in order to take advantage of the app.
All of this will no doubt come as good news to anyone who has purchased vans in Dorset or elsewhere recently or is planning to do so in the near future, as avoiding traffic congestion is an excellent way of reducing fuel costs and preserving the lifetime of your vehicle.