The road safety charity, Brake, claim that in a new survey only 16% of motorists avoid driving in the snow, in spite of having concerns about safety while driving in snow and icy weather.
In the survey of 1,000 drivers, 31% of respondents said they would even undertake a non-essential journey in heavy snow; 91% of respondents wrongly estimated stopping distances in icy conditions by half; and 47% did not to leave a gap of 4 seconds or more between them and the vehicle in front in wet weather.
Despite this apparently complacent attitude, many respondents said they are concerned about safety in bad weather, and lack confidence in their fellow winter drivers. 95% said that many drivers travel too close to the vehicle in front in snow and ice, and 92% thought that many go too fast in snow and ice.
Remember that a commercial vehicle like a Transit van can be more prone to skidding when lightly laden so it is advisable to leave extra distance between you and the vehicle in front.
Brake deputy chief executive Julie Townsend said: "The most important message is to err on the side of caution and not drive if it's snowing, forecast to snow, or there are other dangerous conditions."
"Ice, snow, heavy rain and fog make driving incredibly risky; stopping distances double in the wet and can increase 10-fold in ice and snow, and if you can't see clearly you can't react to hazards."
"We are also urging drivers to be prepared. Listen to forecasts, and make sure your vehicle is properly maintained and kitted out."
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