New Mondeo to feature revolutionary 1.0L engine

Further details have been unveiled for the upcoming incarnation of the Ford Mondeo, a model which will be fitted with the world’s most advanced engine when it becomes available at the end of the year.

A company committed to offering the latest and greatest technology for all their customers, the new Mondeo will come with a 1.0L engine, which still manages to offer an enhanced level of power against the 2.0L which the second version of the Mondeo featured back in 1997.

Standing alongside the Focus and Fiesta as one of the most popular new Ford vehicles on the market, the Ford Mondeo was praised after first being unveiled back in 1992 and has long been a popular choice in the large family car sector.

Outstanding economic figures

Featuring just three cylinders, the engine block is small enough to fit onto one sheet of A4 paper. Despite its size, it still manages to generate 138bhp - 10bhp more than the 1997 2.0L engine. Its outstanding economical credentials are also shown through the rate of motorway fuel economy, with the 67mpg far exceeding the 46.3mpg offered from the 2.0L counterpart. It will also be powered by petrol, bucking the usual trend of new models featuring diesel engines.

The engine is winning praise and plaudits across the motoring industry following the announcement, with The Sunday Times even claiming the new Ford Mondeo will arrive sporting the world’s most advanced engine.

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