Electric commercial vans are starting to become more and more and popular within the UK; Ford have an electric van based upon their Ford Transit vans, namely the Connect model. These types of vehicles are currently a lot higher priced than the regularly available vehicles, but a move by the government could possibly help with this.
In the past, the UK government have offered a grant system for those investing in greener vehicles and, in particular, for Electric models, it has just been announced that the grant will now also cover light commercial vehicles such as the Transit Connect Electric.
Buyers of eligible vans could be receiving a saving of up to £8000 by investing in this cleaner technology. It is thought that in the future cost prices for these types of commercial vehicles could be lowered considerably, as even now a new electric vehicle could cost you well over double the price of a petrol/diesel model.
If you are interested in investing in a green vehicle, you can find non-electric versions of new Ford vans that have highly intelligent and clean engines without the hefty price tag.