New Ford Mondeo spotted in the UK


One of the most popular Ford cars for sale in the UK, the Ford Mondeo, is set to be revamped and re-launched next year, following an unveiling at the Detroit Motor Show at the beginning of this year.

As part of Ford's one Global vehicle plan, the vehicle will go under the name of the Ford Fusion stateside and will be a flagship for the motoring giants, with its sleek design and innovative in-car technology.

One eagle eyed reader of a popular motoring magazine has just caught a glimpse of the all new Ford Mondeo, on the UK's streets for the first time ever. The photos that the reader submitted show that the car is very much in the final process of having finishing touches applied, before its release in March 2013 at UK Ford car dealers.

The vehicle will be seeing quite a few changes applied to it, a completely new chassis, new body style and the option to have one of Ford's extremely popular and economic engines fitted, the EcoBoost.

Image credit: Richard Poplar