New Ford lighting technology to help drivers in torrential rain

With some parts of the UK recently suffering from flooding as a result of torrential rain, it is quite timely that Ford has unveiled a new lighting technology to help people drive in torrential rain.

Ford’s Weather-Dependent Lighting technology automatically adjusts headlights so drivers can see roadside hazards in heavy rain.

When the heavens open the new lighting system will shorten and widen the headlight beam to better illuminate the side of the road and reduce the glare for other drivers.

The new adaptive front lighting system from Ford is activated if windscreen wiper activity increases, there are ambient light conditions and driving speed reduces.

Range of Ford models equipped with new lighting technology

The Adaptive Front Lighting System is available in models being sold at Ford car dealers in Dorset and across the rest of Britain that have the Xenon headlights.

Models that possess this fantastic technology include:

  • Ford Kuga
  • Ford C-MAX
  • Ford Grand C-MAX
  • Ford Focus
  • Ford Galaxy
  • Ford Edge
  • Ford Mondeo
  • Ford S-MAX

Speaking to the Ford Motor Company Media Center, Thorsten Warwel, manager of lighting at Ford of Europe, said, “Many drivers will have experienced a ‘cloud burst’ event – a sudden downpour that can quickly make it a challenge to even follow road markings.

“Ford has for some time offered automatic headlights and windscreen wipers. Now our Weather-Dependent Lighting technology helps drivers to tackle even more demanding driving conditions.”

According to recent studies in the UK, when it rains the likelihood of an accident occurring rises up to 82 per cent.

If last year’s winter is anything to go by, then drivers in the UK will certainly need the new lighting technology that Ford has unveiled, as 2015 was the seventh wettest year on record. Incredibly, seven of the UK’s 10 wettest years ever have been recorded since 1998.

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