New Ford Kuga officially launched in the UK

The brand new edition of the Kuga is now available at your local Ford car dealership, with the company reporting an impressive number of pre-orders, totalling over 1,850.

This figure is a true reflection of the huge success the Kuga has enjoyed since its first edition was brought out in 2008, with previous and new owners alike deciding to take the plunge and order the 2013 model without even waiting to take it out for a test drive.

The latest Kuga has been attracting particular attention because of the fact that Ford announced before it was rolled out that its recommended retail price will actually be £1,000 less than that of its previous edition – news which was warmly received by the motoring industry, who realise how difficult it can be to purchase a new car in the current economic climate.

Talking about the launch, Andy Barratt, sales director at Ford of Britain, explained that the new Kuga keeps the highly praised 'great looks and fun-to-drive character' of its predecessor, whilst also adding features like 'increased luggage and passenger space', as was suggested by the driver feedback the last car received.  

Industry journalists have speculated that the remarkable amount of orders that have already been logged could also be partly down to the newly integrated SYNC in-car connectivity system, which has been making waves across the driving media in recent months. A sophisticated voice-activation based entertainment programme, SYNC is also a highly practical device, having the ability to automatically connect drivers or passengers with the emergency services in the event of an accident.

Whilst excitement has now reached fever pitch over the Kuga, and it is undoubtedly one of the most exciting new Ford cars for sale, don't forget that there are also several other Ford models which provide equally high performance and reliability levels, catering for all kinds of vehicle tastes.   

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