New Ford Kuga achieves 33 miles per gallon


The latest model of the Ford Escape/Kuga SUV has been turning the heads of environmentalists after being certified to provide 33 mpg fuel efficiency with an automatic transmission.

The figures, which have been released by the U.S Environment Protection Agency, are fantastic news for the Ford Motor Company, who have been working tirelessly to improve the fuel efficiency on all of its models.

From the three different engine types on offer, it was found that the 1.6 litre EcoBoost engine was found to achieve 33 miles per gallon, while the 2.0 litre engine generated a maximum of 30 mpg. The largest engine, the 2.5 litre, was the biggest surprise, reaching 31 mpg on the highway; a phenomenal result for a compact SUV.

With such impressive figures on display, it is clear that Ford are continuing their pledge to cut the carbon footprint. If you are interested in purchasing a new vehicle that is both kind to the environment and your pockets, why not browse through our range of Ford cars for sale?

Image credit: (Flickr)