New Ford Infotainment system begins testing

 When it comes to in-car ‘Infotainment' systems, Ford is one of the leaders with their systems, including the MFT (My Ford Touch). The MFT system is a touch screen system that has a variety of functions, from multimedia playback to secondary car functions.

Ford have just announced that they are in the process of releasing an upgrade for the system that will be preinstalled in 2013 vehicles, but fear not if you already have MFT installed in your Ford Vehicle: you will receive an upgrade soon once the new version finishes testing and is publicly released.

Currently, Ford is allowing 1000 of its employees the chance to test the software for one month. Chosen at random, these members of staff will ensure the software is up to scratch. Promising simpler graphics, support for tablet computers and improved screen transition, the soon-to-be-released upgrade is highly anticipated by Ford consumers.

Infotainment systems are becoming more and more popular in new Ford Cars for sale, for more information on any of Ford's in-car technology, why not visit your local Ford Car Dealership?


Image credit: daveiam (Flickr)