New Ford Focus could be unveiled next year

Motorists across the world are awaiting the big reveal of the latest model from the Ford Focus design, but so far only rumours and hearsay have been circulating around industry, with no official statement having been made.

An influential weekly motoring magazine has gotten hold of some spy photos however, that seem to suggest a new face for the model, with staff working for Ford UK getting increasingly excited about the vehicle's debut. . 

The UK's highly respected Auto Express - renowned for its speculative illustrations of forthcoming cars - also suggested that the new Ford Focus would be revealed as early as next year, possibly at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show.

Other than changes to the exterior design of the model - including an Aston Martin style chrome grille and a neater bumper design - Auto Express speculates the materials inside the car will be improved to rival the new VW Golf and SEAT Leon, whilst efficient engines will be fine tuned to further enhance and boost economy.

Such is the quality of the Focus' handling and all-round performance, the company also looks certain to improve and increase the quality of lesser known parts of the vehicles, which includes enhancing online services that will give the car greater connectivity whilst on the road.

Despite being touted for an earlier than expected appearance at the Detroit Motor Show next year, a spokesman said new engines were more likely to appear before any cosmetic changes arrive. 

Keeping up to date with the latest goings on surrounding the new Focus model is a high priority for motorheads across the UK. Whether it is a Focus, Ford Fiesta or a Ford Ka for sale, customers can be assured of high quality models suitable for all tastes and types.

Image Credit: Dezidor (Wikimedia Commons)