New Ford Fiesta will come with MyFord Touch

Ford have confirmed a host of new technologies for the new incarnation of the Ford Fiesta, all of which aim to offer the finest experience for both driver and passenger.

Set to go on sale in the spring, the new version of the Fiesta will come equipped with MyFord Touch, an innovative infotainment system which allows for higher levels of personalisation through the heralded SYNC voice recognition tools.

The technologies will be offered via a 6.5-inch colour touchscreen, meaning features such as climate control, navigation, music and Bluetooth compatibility can be altered by the touch of a button. Meanwhile, the enhanced version of Ford Sync means that the driver can command aspects of the cockpit through simple commands such as ‘Radio’, ‘FM’ or ‘play CD’, meaning they are able to keep their eyes on the road at all times. The Fiesta isn’t the only Ford model to benefit from the technology, with it also expected to be available in the new Ford Ka when it reaches Europe in 2015.

Keen to become a world leader in the development of in-car technology, among the most anticipated projects in the pipeline from the Blue Oval is the Ford Fully Assisted Parking Aid.  Scanning the dimensions of a space, the vehicle is then able to safely park the car in a desired space without any human intervention – apart from toggling between reverse and drive - putting an end to the parallel parking predicaments so many of us are used to.

With MyFord Touch already available on a range of new Ford vehicles, why not head to an official Foray Motor Group dealership and learn more about how this technology could change your driving experience for the better?

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