New Ford Fiesta ST production gets underway in Cologne

Ford have confirmed that production has now begun on the hotly anticipated, brand new edition of the Fiesta ST, with the first examples being put together at the manufacturer's extensive assembly plant in the German city of Cologne.

Although the release date of the forthcoming Fiesta ST has not yet been confirmed for Ford car dealership sites in the UK, enthusiasts nationwide will be reassured by this announcement, which means that they will now not have to wait long for this enhanced version of the country's most popular domestic vehicle to become available.

The latest incarnation of what can now confidently be referred to as a classic brand is a true landmark, as it is the first Fiesta of any kind that will be able to reach speeds of 62 miles per hour from a standing start in less than seven seconds.

Talking about the upcoming Fiesta ST, chief programme engineer of performance cars at Ford of Europe, Juergen Gagstatter, said that it is a 'step forward' in many ways, including in terms of the company's ongoing aim of 'achieving reduced fuel consumption and emissions' across its range.

A number of significant improvements have been made to the 2013 edition of the car, such as the installation of new steering and suspension units, and superior braking, configuration and tuning performance levels, as well as the innovative MyKey security system.  

Both first hand and used Ford car dealers around the South West and all other regions have a wide selection of great value Fiestas for sale, which are guaranteed to provide those looking to upgrade their current transport with a vehicle that is reliable, economical and enjoyable to drive; the new ST will simply be adding further to the legacy of what is one of the most widely known and commercially successful models ever seen in the UK.

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